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National Amateur Press Association
National Amateur Press Association

The National Amateur Press Association is the oldest Amateur Press group in the world. From the first convention in 1876 to the present day, this organization has been dedicated to the furtherance of Amateur Journalism as a hobby. Although deeply rooted in the “Black Art” of letterpress printing, all of the associated arts of writing, editing, publishing, and illustration are equally important to NAPA members. Each month’s bundle of papers, mailed to all members, will contain the work of printers, some who do not write, and writers and poets, and some who also print. Some edit and publish the work of others, leaving the craft of printing to yet others.

The best work of each year is awarded a Laureate Award to recognize the members’ achievements. Laureates, and Honorable Mentions are awarded in these categories: Poetry, Fiction, History of Amateur Journalism, Editorial Comment, Miscellaneous Prose, Art, Editing, Printing, and Letterpress Printing.

Printing was historically done using letterpress, but offset, photocopy, mimeograph, and spirit duplicator have all been used. Today’s bundles often contain journals produced by computer and laser printer. In each case, the words and their presentation are the focus, not the technology.

A free three-month Trial Membership is available for those who want to explore the hobby of Amateur Journalism!

CALLING ALL PRINTERS & WRITERS: If you have been wanting to enhance your hobby of creative writing and talent of handset printing, you might want to check out this more-than-a-century-old active organization. Monthly mailings of members’ journals, annual conventions and international hobbyist memberships.

For further information, contact: Secretary-Treasurer Bill Boys, at 184 Reinhard Avenue, Columbus OH 43206-2635 or

Purposes: The objects of the Association shall be to bring together and encourage the activity of writers, artists, editors, printers and publishers and similar craftsmen for the purpose of broadening their knowledge and improving their abilities and for the production of amateur papers and/or journals at every opportunity for circulation periodically to the general membership. It shall be a non-profit organization, no officer or member of which shall derive financial benefit from his participation. It shall not as an organization engage in propaganda or otherwise attempt to influence legislation or in any way participate in or intervene in any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office, but membership shall not deprive any individual member from engaging in any such activities as an individual.

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