National Amateur Press Association
Current Officers, 2017–2018

Office or Committee Name E-Mail ID
President Michelle Klosterman President@AmateurPress.org
Vice President Jim Hedges   VP@AmateurPress.org
Secretary-Treasurer Bill Boys Secretary-Treasurer@AmateurPress.org
Official Editor Bill Boys Editor@AmateurPress.org
Recorder Arie Koelewyn Recorder@AmateurPress.org
Executive Judges George Hamilton, Chair
Lisa Brandstetter-Holt
Jack Oliver
(Messages go to all three judges)
Past President Marc Brosey Past-President@AmateurPress.org
Office or Committee Name E-Mail ID
Director of Publicity and Recruitment Mark Barbour Publicity-Recruitment@AmateurPress.org
Mailing Bureau Manager

• Send 95 copies of your journal
  by the 10th of the month to:

     Harold L. Shive  
     501 Sand Gap Road
     Pennsboro, WV  26415-3049

    [Money-saving tip: If your journal is bound (stapling counts) and has at least eight printed pages, your package qualifies for Media Mail rate at the post office. This cuts the cost about in half!]

Harold L. Shive Mailer@AmateurPress.org
Historian Gary Bossler Historian@AmateurPress.org
Manuscript Bureau Manager Marc Brosey Manuscripts@AmateurPress.org
Bureau of Critics, Chair Michelle Klosterman Critics@AmateurPress.org
Librarian Tom Parson
National Amateur Clearing House Marc Brosey ClearingHouse@AmateurPress.org
Reception Committee Bill Boys, Chair Reception@AmateurPress.org
Webmaster Jon McGrew Webmaster@AmateurPress.org
Capitalization of e-mail IDs is done simply for readability, and is completely optional.