National Amateur Press Association
Current Officers, 2016–2017

Office or Committee Name E-Mail ID
President Michelle Klosterman President@AmateurPress.org
Vice President Jim Hedges   VP@AmateurPress.org
Secretary-Treasurer Bill Boys Secretary-Treasurer@AmateurPress.org
Official Editor Gary Bossler Editor@AmateurPress.org
Recorder (vacant)
Michelle Klosterman, acting
Executive Judges Alice Brosey, Chair
George Hamilton
Lisa Brandstetter-Holt
(Messages go to all three judges)
Past President Marc Brosey Past-President@AmateurPress.org
Office or Committee Name E-Mail ID
Director of Publicity and Recruitment (vacant) Publicity-Recruitment@AmateurPress.org
Mailing Bureau Manager

• Send 105 copies of your journal
  by the 10th of the month to:

     Harold L. Shive  
     501 Sand Gap Road
     Pennsboro, WV  26415-3049

Harold L. Shive Mailer@AmateurPress.org
Historian Gary Bossler Historian@AmateurPress.org
Manuscript Bureau Manager Marc Brosey Manuscripts@AmateurPress.org
Bureau of Critics, Chair George Hamilton Critics@AmateurPress.org
Librarian Tom Parson
National Amateur Clearing House Marc Brosey ClearingHouse@AmateurPress.org
Reception Committee Dr. Leland Whitson, Chair
Mark Barbour, Co-Chair
(Messages go to both committee members)
Webmaster Jon McGrew Webmaster@AmateurPress.org
Capitalization of e-mail IDs is done simply for readability, and is completely optional.