Up-Coming Conventions:

2017: Carson, California
2018: Ashtabula, Ohio

(Details to be announced)


Recent Past Conventions:
July 21–23, 2016:
Madison, Wisconsin

July 2–4, 2015:
(Columbus, Ohio)

July 17–19, 2014:
(Annapolis, Maryland)

July 4–6, 2013:
(Knoxville, Tennessee)

July 26–28, 2012
(Dayton, Ohio)
July 7–9, 2011
(Brentwood [Nashville], Tennessee)
July 22–24, 2010
(Elk Grove Village [Chicago], Illinois)
July 16–18, 2009
(Parkersburg, West Virginia)
July 15, 16, 17, 2008
(Townsend, Tennessee)

July 57, 2007
(Massillon, OH)

July 35, 2006
(New Orleans, LA)

July 24, 2005
(Carson, CA)

July 24, 2004
(Lexington, KY)

July 35, 2003
(Chattanooga, TN)

July 35, 2002
(Cincinnati, OH)

July 47, 2001
(Wilmington, DE)

July 26, 2000
(Las Vegas, NV)


List of previous conventions

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National Amateur Press Association
Annual Convention

Discussing how to put the NAPA on the Web
at the 1999 Macon, Georgia Convention

The Annual Convention is the highlight of the year for many members. Typical activities include a morning business meeting, afternoon seminars and activities, and evening socializing. One of the highlights is an auction of AJ-related items.

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Annual Auction

Outing: Here, a tour of Oak Knoll Books, “Books On Books”
Congenial evening gatherings