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National Amateur Press Association
Monthly Bundle Sample, The Good Life, December 1999, p.3
I did not know what street I had left him on and so I kept saying to myself, turn right, turn right. Obviously, I found him, much to my relief and he took over the driving chore and we found the restaurant. The food was still the family home-style cooking that I remembered, and Bob thoroughly enjoyed his pot roast and potatoes.

Driving thru Connecticut was lovely. At one point, on the way to dinner and a visit with cousins, we drove on a back road that was so gorgeous. Trees were old and large, on both sides of the road, and so close together that they formed a colorful arch for us to drive through. It doesnít get much better than that.

We went on the Mt. Washington Cog Railroad in New Hampshire, which goes at the great speed of 2.5 miles straight up! It looked kinda scary, but we went anyway and loved the adventure. Actually, it averages a 28% grade, and at one point is a 38% grade. A two year old boy thought walking up and down the car was a riot. The fireman on board had to shovel a ton of coal to keep the train running, and the brakeman had to get out of the train a total of four times to change the direction of the tracks!! At the highest point the temperature was 45 degrees with a wind velocity of 4.6mph. IT WAS COLD!

After years of living there, I discovered a good thing about New Jersey. All gas stations are full service. There are no self-serve pumpsin the state! Donít know about you, but that is one job I just hate to do. Yea! New Jersey.

Then we discovered another good thing. In Jersey City we went to Liberty Park which is sensational. The Science Museum was not only tremendous in size, it was stupendous in displays. The park area was beautifully maintained, the statues depicting the war heroes were wonderfully sculpted, and with the beautiful New York skyline the park is a grand place to visit. There was one statue representing the soldiers of WW II, and another honoring the soldiers of the Viet Nam Conflict. I was delighted to see this great addition to an area that was in desperate need of renovation.

In New Mexico we saw, but did not go on, the Sandia Tramway. The Tramway is similar to a ski lift. The view from the Sandia Mountain was inspiring. This country is so beautiful and exciting.

We went to a glass factory in West Virginia and watched them blow glass bowls; and yes, we bought a few things for gifts. We saw one of Abe Lincolnís log cabins; rang the gong at the Blue Spruce B&B in upstate NY; stayed in a renovated B&B that was the Woolworth family summer home; went to Hyde Park and did a quick tour of Franklin Delano Rooseveltís Museum. The facility is huge, with one building for FDR, another for Eleanor, and a third for other historical memorabilia.


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