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National Amateur Press Association
Monthly Bundle Sample, The Good Life, December 1999, p.2
We did some sightseeing in Albuquerque, New Mexico and visited the Cat House. What a fun place it is. (No, no, no. Not that cat house). Everything in the store is about kittens and cats. Certainly we bought a few trinkets for the cat people in our family.

Driving thru Oklahoma, I commented that I had good ‘vibes’ about the state. Not sure what it was, but on our return trip, I told Bob that I had good ‘vibes’ about the area and asked him where we were. When he said, "Oklahoma" I was not surprised.

The Arch and the Science Museum in St. Louis are wonderful tourist attractions. The museum had an incredible display of masks going back to the early days of civilization. Masks that were then and are today, used in religious ceremonial traditions, to masks used for fun and stage events. Fun and educational at the same time. Good stuff.

West Virginia was awash in glorious color and much more beautiful than anticipated. We enjoyed the architectural designs of the area, and had wonderful food at lovely colonial restaurants and small cafes. In spite of very heavy rain, we did enjoy Maine. The trees were magnificent in color. The boats docked and sailing painted such a breath taking picture it was difficult to leave.

We visited Brown University in Rhode Island and because the rain was so strong Bob could not take pictures of his Alma Mater. But I enjoyed watching his face as he remembered which classes he had in which building, and what mischievous act he and his young friends had committed.

On to Boston and the horror of driving in the rain, in horrific construction detours, too many one way streets, and no street signs. We were looking forward to having lunch at Durgin Park. I was there a few years ago when I was fifteen or sixteen, and Bob went there when he was at Brown. We had a terrible time finding the place, and finally Bob went into a travel agency and asked for directions. Since there was no place to park, I drove the car around the block except that it wasn’t around the block because of the construction detours. Talk about panic!


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