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Monthly Bundle Sample, The Good Life, December 1999, p.1
The Good Life, December 1999 TRIP HIGHLIGHTS

Thoughts of the trip started because of my need to see relatives who live on the East Coast whom I had not seen for many years. Because they do not all live in the same area, airport hopping did not sound very appealing; therefor, the car trip was designed and proved to be much longer than originally thought.

One of the outstanding memories of spending seven weeks ‘on the road’ are the wonderful and interesting people we met. Other tourists we befriended in various museums, parks, restaurants and so forth. We compared notes we went here, they went there, sort of thing. We commented on the sights we were looking at and passed on, or listened to, tidbits of information. Such fun!

We visited many of the relatives and in the main it was good to see them. Unfortunately, all is not well. One of my New York cousins is in a home, laughs a lot, talks to everyone, although her conversations make no sense at all. In her world, she is happy. For about a ten-second moment she recognized me. Her sister is not as yet in a home, but very close to needing outside assistance. I think she remembered Bob and me, but not too sure. She is still very sociable and her conversations are valid, but she repeats the same thing over and over. My sister is in an assisted living facility and is doing very well. Her short-term memory is failing, but her long-term is fine, so we had fun remembering good things. We spent lots of time together and enjoyed our visit with her. The rest of the family is fine and perhaps they will visit us soon.

The sightseeing portion of our trip was great fun. We had bad weather on no more than five days.

Bob enjoys driving so, with the exception of about one and a half hours, he was in charge of steering, while I read the map, changed the CD disks, and served a munchie every now and then. Mostly what I did was wave to the drivers of the big rigs. If I could see the driver then I would wave. Many of them waved back and many honked the horns. One time, we passed the eighteen-wheeler and after I waved, he pulled up next to us, honked and gave me a great big smile and a thumbs up! We both laughed. I was surprised at the number of women of all ages driving these huge trucks. It was a fun thing to do and helped pass the otherwise boring drive time.


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