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National Amateur Press Association
Monthly Bundle Sample, The Good Life, May 1997, p.1
The Good Life, May 1997 It is a Friday about dusk just before dinner. At the bottom of the stairwell a radio can be heard, and the top of an attractive silver-gray head can be seen over the kitchen table. Because it is the Sabbath, Yetta is working on a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle instead of knitting or crocheting.

Look a little closer and you will see a tear or two rolling down her cheeks. She is listening to her favorite radio show, "The Yiddisher Philizoph" ("The Jewish Philosopher"), who is telling his audience about the bad things that are happening to so many people: One lady lost her husband and doesnít have enough money to pay the rent; a man lost his job and is having trouble finding a new one; another person is sick and canít take care of the children, and so on. And Yetta cries at the sadness.

These memories are as fresh today as they were so very many years ago. The picture returns frequently whenever Mozartís Eine Kleine Nachtmusik is played either on the radio, concert stage or compact disk because this was the philosopherís theme song.

Yetta was born in the "old country" and never had the opportunity to attend school either over Ďthereí or when she came to this country as a young girl. This saddened her greatly but did not deter her from learning new things and stretching her mind. I am reminded of the time when I was about seven years old and was having difficulty reading a word. I asked for her assistance and when she told me she didnít know, I remember saying, "Thatís OK, I guess when I get to be your age I will forget how to read".


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