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National Amateur Press Association
Monthly Bundle Sample, Campane 197, p.3

organization out of The Fossils and with definite standards of membership, even if we have no more than 100 ever."

Helm to Vondy, 4/16/50: "By this time you surely know that Ralph had nothing to do with the four-page National Amateur. It was a skillful job, but I fear that it has done considerable harm. Knowing Ralph as well as I do, I could not be sure that it wasn't his. But the more I examined it the more it looked like a hoax. The burlesque of Cornwall, those fake appointments by Ellis and the mischievous gossip, the tongue-in-cheek praise of Carrier all sounded counterfeit. Though dispatched in Great Neck, it was not mailed as second-class matter, and no one is more aware than Ralph of the value of that mailing privilege.

"Of course the printing wasn't Ralph's—unless he wished to turn his back on all standards of craftsmanship. But who is guy? If you all compare notes at the Fossil dinner I hope you'll let me know your conclusions."

Also, ending his letter: "I hope Alf can be elected president, not just because he's earned it but also because I think he could pull us out of the doldrums. We've had a disappointing year, and it's not entirely Al Lee's fault."

Vondy to Helm, 4/19/50: "This whole year in NAPA has been such a huge burlesque that I am not surprised to learn the March National Amateur is a hoax, though I confess I did not think so until your letter arrived. True, I did not analyze it too carefully, having other things to do, and I did harbor the thought for a few moments, but I did not 'put it past' Ralph to issue just such a number in a pique. I am aghast at the


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