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National Amateur Press Association
Monthly Bundle Sample, Campane 197, p.1
Campane 197, November 1999

Spink, Vondy, the March 50NA

Helm Spink and Edna Hyde ("Vondy") McDonald, two of amateur journalism's all-time greats, became the closest of friends, at conventions and in letters. From Helm's joining NAPA in 1923 until Vondy's death in 1961, they corresponded with increasing frequency and mental intimacy. Spink saved every letter and post card he got from Vondy, plus carbons of each letter he sent to her. After Helm's death in 1970, his widow, Bernice McCarthy Spink, gave this epistolary trove to Ralph Babcock, who found it behind his press when he moved said press in 1998.

Inspired by Leland Hawes' recent Gator Growl honoring L. Verle Heljeson, Ralph contacted Lee about his discovery, suggesting, perhaps, that Lee and I might read through the Spink-Vondy correspondence and shape highlights of it into a publication. When I visited him in January 1999, Lee involved me in this project. The letters are many, and most are truly fascinating. At least one large Gator Growl is in the works.

In the meantime, this article is devoted to an exchange regarding a 1950 National Amateur, in which Spink and Vondy play Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.


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