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National Amateur Press Association
Monthly Bundle Sample, Boxwooder 365, p.4
be about ten or eleven years old. I was also in a far off and distant land. I didn’t know where I was, so I asked a passerby, ‘What town is this?’ and he replied: ‘Bethlehem, in the land Judea.’ I felt a sense of shock and surprise, and just then the mystery began to unfold; I saw it all, not only the thing that happened but how it happened.

"In the vision, my master was the innkeeper in Bethlehem. He was a kind and decent sort of a man, and he treated me much better than most masters treated their slaves. Oddly enough, in my vision, I liked him. On this particular night, I had gone to the inn to obtain special instructions on how to stall-feed in proper proportions two very beautiful Arabian stallions that belonged to guests who were staying in the inn, and upon returning to the stable, I set about the tasks of watering and feeding them. I had already finished tending all the other animals that were housed in the inn’s stable. All the stalls were filled except one, and it was on one end and sort of separated from the rest.

"Soon after I had finished my bedding-down chores, I saw my master coming toward the stable with a man and a woman following close behind. I could see that the woman was great with child; to me it looked like any moment could be ‘the moment’ When they got to the stable, my master said to me: ‘Shareem (that was my name


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