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National Amateur Press Association
Monthly Bundle Sample, Boxwooder 354, p.3
1 January 1998. My accumulated mileage now stands at 101,912 which means that my total for this calendar year is only 2313. 1 guess that's not too bad considering busted elbow, etc. It is a far cry from my former years. For seven straight years I rode more than 5000 miles —one year over 7000. 4 February. I have lost the entries into this journal from 16 September 97 to this date. I was able to recreate the entry for 1 January 1998 because I had the paper record sheets. I have been having obscure troubles with my computer for about three months and the place I bought it recommended that I reformat my hard disks and effectively start a fresh as it seemed to them to be some indeterminate software problem which might be impossible to track down. I finally did this on 2 February and found that my problem had not been solved. A visit to the store and six man hours of investigation by their technical people finally found the problem in a faulty scanner board. This board not only affected the scanner but also the operation of the CD-Rom and perhaps other hardware and software. I thought I had backed up everything of interest so that I could restore it after the computer was fixed but now discover that the saved bike journal ended on 16 September. (If you do not keep a current backup, your realistic expectation is not if you lose your data but when.) 5 February. Yesterday's Washington Post had a story about a doctor who is campaigning for bikers to wear helmets. He keeps a helmet in his office to demonstrate how it probably saved his life. The helmet has deep gashes in it and is cracked through in three places. He does not recall his accident. All he remembers is that he was coasting down a hill in Towson, Maryland, and saw a fork lift ahead. His next memory is of going up the walk of his home and wondering why he was so stiff and sore. I can really empathize with him. My encounter with a fork lift produced plenty of pain but no memory loss.


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