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National Amateur Press Association
Monthly Bundle Sample, Boxwooder 354, p.2
12 September. The Washington Post has been constructing a large printing plant in Berwyn on my riding route. I had guessed, since they will obviously be using huge quantities of paper, that they would install a railroad siding, and they have lately begun to do so. I have been checking its very slow progress on every ride. So far no rail has been laid, they have simply been preparing the base for it. My observation point is on the pedestrian railroad overpass about 200 yards from the action. This is the same platform from which I supervised the construction of the Metro Green Line which runs parallel to and close-beside the double-tracked railroad at this point.

16 September, The battery on my odometer failed at 4919 miles. Had to take the odometer off the handlebar to get the battery out and left it dangling with its wire entangled in the spokes. Then rolled the bike and broke the toothpick size wire. (A perfect way to turn a five-minute job into an hour's aggravation.) After installing a new battery, I discovered that the fine wire was a two conductor cable. The inner strands were covered with an insulator and the outer strands, along with the inner insulator were covered by an outer insulator. This made rejoining the wires a mite difficult, but I think I managed it. I happened to have some heat shrink tubing that I put around each conductor after joining and soldering them. Unbelievably, I was able to find the user's manual for the odometer so that I could reset the wheel circumference and choose miles instead of the default kilometers.

Then tried to find a dust cap for one of my pedals by going from store to store. The dust caps are always getting lost and no store carries them as stock, but sometimes one will have strays in their repair areas. Finally located one that almost fit. I filed it down a bit and forced it in the socket. I just hope it stays. If there is no dust cap, the beatings are exposed and will collect dirt and wear out quickly.


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