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National Amateur Press Association
Monthly Bundle Sample, Boxwooder 354, p.1
The Boxwooder 354, January 1999 Journal

21 August 1997. Two days ago the doctor x-rayed my fractured elbow and after examining the x-rays said, "Get out of here! It's as good as new. So today I took my first iide in two months. Went only 18 miles as I will have to slowly get back in condition. Discovered that my sprained left hand is not quite well yet. Some sprains take a very long time to heal.

29 August. On my fourth ride I got up to 30 miles so I am back, more or less, to my normal. It has rained only once in August and very little in July. I have never seen the area so dry.

3 September. Have been increasing the length of my ride trying to get back into shape. Yesterday on my way home, I discovered I had left my water bottle at Riverdale, the apex of my ride, and so I had to go back and get it.This lengthened my trip to 36 miles, and I got home exhausted.

9 September. Yesterday I had a flat rear tire about one mile from home on my return trip. I walked the bike home so that I could replace the tire which was very badly worn. This is one of the pair of tires given me by Dan Gustafason and Marty Miller. These tires have a special lining called Kelvar which is supposed to inhibit punctures. With this tire I had a day early in its life when I had a series of punctures whose cause I could never ascertain. However, after that day I have had only one puncture in this tire until today. In particular, I did not have the numerous flats that normally occur near the end of the life of a tire. By chance these tires, front and rear, were installed at the same time as my present odometer which now reads 4855 miles. This is quite a long distance for a rear tire. I think most, if not damaged by a cut, last around 3000 miles. Front tires last about 1000 miles more than the rear ones, and the present front tire looks as if it has quite a few miles left.


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