NAPA Membership Application
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William E. Boys, Secretary-Treasurer
184 Reinhard Ave., Columbus OH 43206-2635

  • Annual conventions and elections

  • Free distribution of your journal

  • Monthly "bundle of journals"

  • Placement of manuscripts for writers

  • Selection of Manuscripts for your journal

  • Reports from the Bureau of Critics

  • Laureate Awards in eight categories

  • Quarterly official journal

  • Regional and local clubs

Would “Amateur Journalism”
be fun for you?

Do you enjoy using a computer?

One of the enjoyable and creative things to do with a computer is desktop publishing.
You can design and produce a publication that reflects your interests, your creativity. It can be as simple or complex as you like—you control it all.
There is a hobby organization that will distribute your publication at no charge other than membership dues. It is the National Amateur Press Association.
Do you like to write for enjoyment?

Your writing can be circulated to readers at no charge other than membership dues.
One way is to produce your own amateur journal, as described above.
Another way is to use the Associationís Manuscript Bureau, which will list and publicize your writing among the members in the hopes of interesting a publisher-member to publish it in his/her amateur journal.
Do you have a printing press, perhaps?

Some people do, with type and printerís ink, just like in the old days. Thatís another way to create an amateur journal, and when this Association started in 1876, it was almost the only way to do so. But times change.
Is this hobby for you? Read on…

You can find out, without cost and without obligation, whether this hobby would fit with you and your interests.
The Association offers a free three-month Trial Membership.

Each month you will receive a 6x9-inch envelope containing a copy of every amateur journal produced that month. You will see the variety of amateur journals produced, the different genres of writing, the design and layout that publisher-members create, and so on.
You will also get one issue of the Associationís quarterly journal, The National Amateur.
Then you can decide whether to continue on as a Regular Member, or you can just say ďNo thanks.Ē
To sign up as a regular member, or to get your free Trial Membership, just choose your method below.

To apply on-line:

You can apply for a new membership
or renew an existing membership
or make a donation to NAPA



Or, to apply by mail:

YES, I want to join the NAPA.


Date: __________________

Membership check enclosed.  Amount $ _______________
I enclose $30.00 for one year of membership, which includes all the privileges and benefits listed below. Family members in the same household: add $2.00.
(Outside U.S.: $7.50 surcharge for postage.)

Free 3-Month trial membership


Name: _______________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________

City, State, Zip: ________________________________________

E-mail: ______________________________________________

Previous member of NAPA? _______  When? __________________

If you are printing this page, use the other side of this application to tell us something about yourself. New member profiles are often printed in our official journal, The National Amateur.

Mail this to:
William E. Boys, 184 Reinhard Ave., Columbus OH 43206-2635
or e-mail the same info to

Would you like to be able to print out information about the free membership offer to give to others? Click here to view and print the information. Print it double-sided, then cut it into quarters, and you will have four 4¼" x 5½" pages to hand out to your friends.
Extra credit: Print it on cardstock!