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The Torpedo, September 1913, p.3

eye-brows. A strong, well shaped mouth and perfect teeth his only claim, toward good looks, save an infinitely pleasant countenance, which bore an air of do good to bird and beast.

        "You see", he said, arising, walking over to the swing, and taking a seat where he could view his listeners, " 'three months ago, Cohen, the Dramatic Editor on our paper, got sore on the Old Man because of a call down which he gave him. Cohen almost put an actress out of business by the criticism he made of her production. Cohen left, and there was no one on the staff to do the work, when Contadina Webster blew into town, walked into Passmore's office, talked to him fifteen minutes steady and before a half an hour had expired, Passmore, the worst old crank in the business, had put Contadina on as Dramatic Editoress. Within a week she showed the whole staff that she was on to her job.

        "She's five feet, five," continued Buck, with a slight laugh and an eagerness to make them see her as he did. "Is positively the most serious creation possible. Her hair is golden and her eyes remind one of the sea. Her month is firm, and her nose proud and ambitious. Her figure, is that of Venus de Milo, and her dress perfect though infinitely plain. Most of the time she wears gray." Buck lit a cigarette and puffed at it long enough to have Story say :

        "Age ?"

        "Twenty-five," was the prompt reply. "She was the only woman who had ever interested me in he least," Buck continued, "though I had never had a chance to talk to her; in fact, she seldom if ever noticed me. I became the original dog. Sent her flowers,


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