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The Torpedo, September 1913, p.1

The Torpedo, September 1913

The Torpedo, September 1913 - Title Page


VOL. VII          SEPTEMBER, 1913           No. 5


On the road to Mandalay
Where the flyin' fishes play
An' the dawn comes up like Thunder outer
                    China crost the bay

        THE few remaining sportsmen who were making their way toward the in-going car paused to listen to a quartette of men's voices which swelled at on the June breeze from a moonlit veranda of the Country Club house. Even Montjoy who usually swung into his car and was in town in less than five minutes, brought his car down with a jerk and sat listening to the symphony of sound. Then the last notes died away, and Silence was master, until Moore usurped his place by dashing off the porch in order to catch the last car into town, but running upon Montjoy, who was waiting for the four young men to sing, "Lead Kindly Light," (a song which they often ended by singing), risked his life and tenor by bowling through the arch with him.

        Story brought one foot up on the balistrade slowly and planted the other over it; folded his arms and looked sullenly out toward the links. His two companions at speechless, each busy with his own thought.

        "It's been a long time since we sang 'Mandalay,'


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